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Heywood-Wakefield Bed

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Folks have been asking us about our new Heywood-Wakefield Scupltura Bed. Well the good news, we got the bed. Unfortunately it got damaged in shipping.

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When we tried to assemble it, 30 of 36 dowels were missing. Then we learned the dowel holes were not drilled correctly at the factory. We are working with the company to see what we can do to get this all resolved. Of course it is a mess because we are in Michigan, the bed is in New Mexico, the company is in Florida, but the company that actually made the bed is in Massachusetts.

See the slide show below.

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Fall at Bivens House

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Fall means planting and we have been busy. Four new trees have been planted including an Autumn Ash, Bradford Pear, Cottonwood, and Leprechaun Ash.

We ripped out all but one of the bushes in front and have planted Texas Sage, Cotoneaster and Lavendar. Three new brooms of different varieties have been planted along the drive. We also started a yucca garden on the hill on the Southeast corner. Here is what the front looked like before.

The sprinkler controller has been updated and expanded as we prepare for a new drip irrigation system.

Next will be the removal of the juniper bushes in the backyard. While a favorite of visitors because of the scuplted look, the juniper pollen has become too much for Steve so they have to go.

In their place, Maggie is already planning another one of her famous rose gardens. Look for it to start taking shape this spring.


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photo by Mike Noonan

While summer isn’t quite here, evenings are already wonderful at Bivens House.

A couple of nights ago we sat outside and watched the International Space Station and Shuttle fly directly overhead. We can can hear coyotes most every night.

Mike Noonan stopped by and took this picture last week. The white specs, that isn’t dust on the lens, those are stars in the night sky.

Photo Gallery from February 2010

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People have been asking for pictures so here you go. These were taken before any work started. So it gives you an idea of where we started.

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Photos from Real Estate listing

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Here are the photos from the MLS listing.

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