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Electrical updates


Work continues at the Bivens House. The first major project is the update of the electrical service. The original breaker box was just that, original. It was a Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok. You can just call it sparky. FPE’s are famous for catching on fire and the breakers not actually tripping.

Remarkably, for a house this size, it only had a 100 amp service coming in from the pole and a 150 amp breaker box. So work began last week to replace the little guy.

A new 200 amp service is being pulled from the pole. We will then replace the interior box with a Square D 150 Amp breaker box that will be wired as a sub-panel.

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And yes, if you look closely you can see an unburied wire as it runs to the barn. That is being fixed too.

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  1. Pam Says:

    My dear friends Steve and Maggie have generously offered that I stay in the Bivens House while I am in Albuquerque for a week. (My home is a 21′ motorhome) It is wonderful! The spacious open plan design was born in the 50’s and this is an excellent example. In lieu of going on and one, I’ll pick a few of the elements I like. The wide double front door opens to a seating area/dining room and the large kitchen. Separating the two “room” areas is a very long counter – which can easily seat 6 for a quick meal.

    The entryway is divided from this dining/kitchen by a large open metal divider which clearly limits the entry space without visually intruding. Passing that area to the back of the house there is a relaxed living room. This is the informal one – the formal living room is divided from the kitchen/dining area by a huge floor to rafter column of sandstone which houses two fire places. The three bedrooms are accessed from the informal living space, and each has it’s own bathroom.

    The furniture and decorations are perfect for the style of the house, and far too many to mention. My favorites include the soft orange carpet and the easily 12′ couch in front of the formal living room fireplace; all of the lamps; and the furniture that is as strong a design statement as the house is.

    Unfortunately, my words can barely describe what is a very comfortable and welcoming example of the modern style of design from the 1950s. I’m sure that Steve and Maggie will add photos of the inside and outside of it. I look forward to another opportunity to stay for a few days in the future.

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