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Fall at Bivens House

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Fall means planting and we have been busy. Four new trees have been planted including an Autumn Ash, Bradford Pear, Cottonwood, and Leprechaun Ash.

We ripped out all but one of the bushes in front and have planted Texas Sage, Cotoneaster and Lavendar. Three new brooms of different varieties have been planted along the drive. We also started a yucca garden on the hill on the Southeast corner. Here is what the front looked like before.

The sprinkler controller has been updated and expanded as we prepare for a new drip irrigation system.

Next will be the removal of the juniper bushes in the backyard. While a favorite of visitors because of the scuplted look, the juniper pollen has become too much for Steve so they have to go.

In their place, Maggie is already planning another one of her famous rose gardens. Look for it to start taking shape this spring.

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