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Solar comes to Bivens House


We have been very busy this past year. A new metal roof has been installed that will greatly reduce heat load in the house. We also installed 30 solar panels over the garage area of the roof. Yes we know, solar panels isn’t keeping with our 50’s theme but you know, it’s solar, it is the original atomic energy.

We will be posting more information about the solar system but here are the highlights. The 30 panels generate a maximum of 6,400 watts. That is enough electricity to power the house throughout the entire year including a/c season in the summer. The total cost of the solar system was about $24,000 and with tax credits and rebates, the payback is 9.1 years and an expected lifespan of 25 years.

We don’t have any batteries, instead, we use the grid to store our energy. We feed excess energy into the grid during the day spinning the meter backward. Then take back in the evening time. The idea is to net out so we use as much as we send. Out total electricity bill $5.59 a month which is the cost of the meter.

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