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We closed on the house


Yeah! We finally closed. It was touch and go there. Between the mortgage company, title company, and crappy apprasier I didn’t know who to kill first. We didn’t get numbers until 6p the night before closing.

But Quicken Loans pulled it out and we are in. Big tip of the hat to Brian Holland for all his hard work.

The Bivens left the house in better shape than when we saw it in December. Now there is class and grace for you.

We have been doing lots of inspections and making to-do lists. Getting ready for the Comcast install on Friday. Also working on installing an attic stair because it is too hard to get up there right now.

It snowed last night. East Mountain schools were closed for the day and Albuquerque Schools were on a two-hour delay. I went out at noon to take a picture of this calamitous snowfall, but it was all melted.

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