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Mike Welding

As many know, we had a small problem with the appraiser. Actually it was a giant cluster you know what. One of the requirements the appraier imposed was the basement windows should have an egress.

So he made us cut off the bars before he would sign off on the appraisal. Never mind the fact the basement windows are over 5ft from the ground inside the basement; or the fact the basement isn’t considered living space; nor can it be used as a bedroom; and oh by the way, there is an automatic fire suppresion sprinkler through out the entire house including the basement.

So Michael came over the day before the closing and cut the bars off. Now of course we had a security problem, no bars on the windows. So the next week, Michael reattached the bars for us. I really like this photo. Taking welding pictures can be hit or miss. This one came out pretty nice.

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